Bow Rehair Gift Certificate

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How It Works:

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Order a NetRehair Tube and Bow Rehair Gift Certificate below. You may specify the tube be sent to any location whether it be home, school, or work. If you’d like us to hold your order for shipping until a specific day, simply tell us what date you wish for it to ship in the “Personalize” section of your order. The player will have a shipping tube to use over and over for future rehairs.

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We will include the gift certificate with your NetRehair Tube. If you would like a personal message on the gift certificate please include your message in the “Personalize” section of your order. Your gift of a NetRehair Tube and Bow Rehair will be shipped to arrive at your recipient’s location for the Holidays. Bow Rehair certificates do not expire until a year after the posted date.

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The player will have the flexibility to use their certificate and schedule a bow rehair when it is convenient for them. They may return to to schedule their rehair or call our workshop to schedule an appointment. The certificate is valid for a bow shipped to our workshop as well as those brought in and picked up. Our professional rehair service includes cleaning and polishing the bow – please see our FAQ page for more details.

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