Schedule a Rehair

Read through these steps or skip to the “Schedule your rehair” links below:

Choose your rehair day through the links below. The date you choose will be the day your bow is photographed, cleaned, polished, rehaired, and shipped back to you. This calendar is also an up-to-date reflection of “in store” available rehair appointments. If you do not wish to drop off your bow, and do not already have a NetRehair Tube, please order one before scheduling your “send in” rehair. Tube orders are processed and shipped within one business day.

Provide the brand on the handle of your bow(s) if applicable. If your bow needs repair or if you have concerns regarding it’s health, please let us know in the “Details” section through the appropriate link below. Each bow is examined as soon as it arrives at our workshop. We will email you an estimate for the requested repair(s) that includes the cost and an estimated date of completion.

As of January 2015 we are offering a faux ivory option for replacement tips. Otherwise tips are replaced with extinct Mastodon ivory; please email us for more details. We are usually booked for major bow restorations and replica frogs several months in advance; please email us if you would like to discuss this sort of restoration and/or get on our waiting list. For more information about our repair and restoration techniques you may visit

UPS is our primary shipping provider however we are happy to accommodate wishes for USPS and FedEx shipping. UPS ground to most cities within NC, SC, VA, and TN are 1 day transit times; we also do not like to ship bows where they will be in a warehouse over the weekend.  Send us an email if you have any questions about transit time to your area. By default, we require that someone signs for the bow upon its return to you. If you DO NOT wish that we require a signature please let us know in the “details” section below. You may also choose “Pick Up In Store” for an in house appointment.

Depending on the rehair date you have chosen, you may wish to either wait to ship your bow(s) or go ahead and ship as soon as you have scheduled an appointment. Please have your bow(s) at our workshop the day before your scheduled rehair date; of course sooner is also okay. Use the packing instructions on the inside of your NetRehair tube, or follow the visual directions here on our website to pack your bow(s) safely inside. Take your package to a local shipping store or postal office. Ship to: 4911 Waters Edge Dr. Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27606. ***If you have chosen “Pick Up In Store” you may choose to drop off or ship your bow(s). Either way, we request that your bow(s) is at our workshop the day before your appointment.

The cost of a rehair is $82 for violin, viola, and cello bows. For bass bows we offer white hair, salt and pepper, or black hair at $93, $88, and $82 respectively. Rehair payment as well as return shipping will charged at time of booking, any further requested work will be estimated when the bow arrives, and performed and billed after approval.