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2013/2014 US Ivory Ban.

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Updates and the Latest News.

6/23/2014. A few more articles of interest:

Ivory Ban Hurts Musicians and Collectors

Punishing Ivory Owners Rather Than Saving Elephants

5/29/2014. A recent ban that prevented travel with instruments purchased after 1976 was revised on May 15, 2014 to limit travel to instruments purchased before February 25, 2014. The Administration is considering new rules that would prevent future domestic sale and re-sale of legally crafted instruments that contain even small amounts of African elephant ivory. – Yung Chin, AFVBM President.

Your member of Congress can help by weighing in with the Administration. Click here for The League of American Orchestras’ instructions for a quick and easy way to email your senator and representative.

4/24/2014. The latest on the ivory ban with commentary from our colleague Yung Chin.

2/28/2014. New Policy documentation released – US Department of Interior Ivory Policy

2/12/2014. Official Release by the WhiteHouse on the Ivory Ban.

FACT SHEET: National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking & Commercial Ban on Trade in Elephant Ivory.

2/2014. NPR Article: 2 Tons of Illegal Ivory Seized in France.

12/2013. We, at Pasewicz String Instrument, continue to be stewards of the environment by supporting the IPCI, International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative, and standing against illegal use and sale of elephant ivory and other illegal materials. Please contact us at info@tristrings.com if you have questions about our use of Mammoth and/or Mastodon Ivory or other have any other material related concerns.

12/2013. The Presidential Advisory Committee that met on 12/16/13 plans to recommend a total ban on ivory sales, within the US, to the task force on Wildlife Trafficking.If you want to oppose this action please email ACWT@FWS.GOV before December 28th when they file their report. You may use the sample letter below by cutting and pasting but feel free to change it as may fit your interests and work. (David Warther)
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Other Sources.

Letter by the League of American Orchestras

Policy – From US Department of Interior

SCI Foundation speaks at Advisory Council Meeting

Protected Species Materials – Tarisio, Fine Instruments & Bows


 Lasting Solutions to Save Wildlife – WWF

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